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March 2020
Coronavirus Remote Consulting

Coronavirus remote consultingI am switching, temporarily, all appointments from in-person to remote.
This starts now and includes already-booked ones. While change is an unwelcome bother, there is an upside in terms of your convenience. For me it brings real benefits re case analysis/prescribing, despite the physical distance.

I use Facetime (drinnes2@gmail.com), Skype (drinnes@doctors.org.uk), Zoom or phone (07976 727 186); whichever you prefer. I don’t have Whatsapp or a smartphone so please use only my contact id’s above (eg Facetiming my mobile will get nowhere). If you haven’t yet used a Video app please be sure to have a practice run ahead of time and do not leave it until the session itself!

Key points:

• I have reduced my prices to 150 for one hour (new patient slot) and 75 for 30 mins (follow up and new under 5s slot), for both clinics

• I am now offering mini-consultations of 10 minutes (30, for which there is an option on the paypal button below. If you would like one email me direct (not reception) once you have prepaid and we can find a time

• All sessions need to be prepaid.
I’m afraid this is an absolute, the alternative being to use precious session time to pay online before we consult

There is a Paypal button here
i.e. the Videocalls page of my website drinnes.co.uk
If you prefer to do a direct transfer please email me for my bank details well ahead of time

• Please email me in advance which system you want to use and your id and mobile number (as a fallback)

• Reception desks at both clinics continue to organise all bookings and can take payments over the phone. They have instructions only to book in those who’ve prepaid. Please tell reception too your video id and phone number (just in case) and say which system you want to use

• Have phone and email live at the time of our session, as backups

• Come the time of the session, we both try initiating the connection

• Prescriptions will be posted out first class from a third-party pharmacy who will invoice you directly (usually 10-20 for a month’s worth). It usually fits through the letterbox

• Please email (not text) me with any simple queries requiring just a one sentence type answer; more involved ones do need a session

Online remote Homeopathic doctor

I’m sorry about all the rules and new information but it’s just an adaptive change, which is what humans excel at!





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